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I graduated from the University of Lyon (France), and completed in 2010 my M.Sc. in physics from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (France) and my M.Sc. in optics and photonics from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany). I was a postodoctoral fellow who joined Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014 after obtaining his PhD from the University of Lyon in 2013, where I worked on measuring the absolute absorption cross-section of individual single- and double-wall carbon nanotubes (link). During my four-year postodoctoral appointment at Los Alamos, my main contribution was to elucidate mechanisms of formation and dissociation of exciton states in solution-processed, organic-inorganic, perovskite quantum well semiconductors, which has led to the core design of perovskite-based optoelectronic devices, and for which I was awarded the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Semiconductor Physics in 2018.

I joined the George R. Brown School of Engineering (CHBE department) at Rice University in 2018 as a senior scientist in the group of Prof. Aditya Mohite. My research is centered on understanding multi-scale phenomena in low dimensional hybrid materials and directly correlating physical and structural mechanisms, including (opto-)electronic properties, electron- and exciton-phonon coupling, linear and non-linear effects, and charge-energy conversion and transfer. This core research supports and is integrated with a synthesis activity (solution processed crystals and thin films, exfoliated 2D materials, and CVD) and a semiconductor-based device research area (solar cells, LEDs, lasers).